“her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.” // w. goldman

granted, my walls are fairly average in height.

they may be uneven and ever-so slightly crookedly built, but average nonetheless. but slowly, as this very old house becomes more and more our home every time we re-open our front door, i know that these walls keep within them a lot of laughter, a few secrets, tears and rows, and far too few hours of sleep – enjoyable hours to be sure, just too few of them…

and as the years go by we’re making it more and more our own, hanging art and taping garlands to the walls. and the next length that needs some attention is the tiniest water closet you ever did see – one that would be served best by the loudest, most monochrome and graphic print i can find. you know, something subtle and elegant…





→ source : joonas wallpaper via marimekko

→ source : double trouble wallpaper via ferm living

→ source : triangles via hygge & west

→ source : random geometry via nama rococo


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