“we are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” // w. shakespeare

the thing is, as much as i adore sleep – i can never seem to get enough. i stay up too late procrastinating rest, only to be awakened at an obscenely early hour because i had the audacity to have a kid – one whose idea of sleeping in late hovers around the 6.45am mark.

as much as i was once a so-called morning person – when the last 1,460 (give or take) mornings are as dark as when i went to bed, i might as well just call myself a middle-of-the-night person – it all looks the same from one side of the sun to the next. and though i never knew a snooze button before this year – i find that now, we’re in constant touch – every nine minutes until the very last minute i can squeeze in, until wait – what time is it? right – i have no time to wash my hair…





→ source : prêt-à-powder via bumble & bumble

→ source : philip b. russian amber imperial dry shampoo via co. bigelow

→ source : no drought dry shampoo via lush

→ source : hair refresher via davines


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