“…there is objective time, but also subjective time, the kind you wear on the inside of your wrist, next to where the pulse lies. and this personal time, which is the true time, is measured in your relationship to memory.” // j. barnes

a watch used to be one of my signatures. it would be hard to notice, considering the multitude of other things wrapped around my wrist, but i would never leave the house without one on. i liked wearing one for the style side, but really, it was more of a necessity. i am bound by a neurosis to time – i am, at all times, to know what time it is. and yet – the time has come and gone where i am unable to leave the house without a timepiece, as my smarterthan-me phone, which has become an extension of my very own arm, has now become my one and only trusted, but rather unwieldy teller of time.

and although doing away with a bit of wrist-candy for a digital brick could’ve also taken away my need for a calendar – that’s something i don’t think i could move on from. time moves rather quickly, as i’m sure you’ve realized – but without a constant reminder of what lies ahead – how would i ever know what to look forward to? without something hanging on my wall to remind of what’s coming, i’d forever be looking back…





→ source : marimekko 2014 wall calendar via klevering

→ source : 2014 wall calendar via cats let nothing darken their roar

→ source : formosa wall calendar by enzo mari via nova68

→ source : 2014 stendig wall calendar via vetted


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