“the past is never where you think you left it.” // k.a. porter

sometime last week i found myself taking a side glance at myself in the mirror – and i had to double-back and double-take.

i had on a black t-shirt dress, (one you’ll see in lighter colour down below) and my trusty pair of suede creepers. it was unseasonably warm and exceedingly rainy – therefore, my hair was enormous.

i looked not a little bit like robert smith. hopefully a smidge prettier, but mr. smith nonetheless. and then i laughed. not out loud mind you, it would’ve been weird to laugh at myself in the middle of my workplace, but i laughed, inwardly. because i looked eerily similar, older, but similar to how i did when i was 16.

i found it so amusing how it can take a person so long to get to who they are meant to be – but clues stick out like red lips and crispy black hair. if i had just paid attention to the me of yesteryear – it wouldn’t have taken me so long to get to the me of now. you know, we’ve always been pretty great – much like my black stine goya dompteur dress and the exact same creepers i wore all those years ago…





→ source: all the pretty things via stine goya


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