“the fibers of all things have their tension and are strained like the strings of an instrument.” // h.d. thoreau

sometimes i get such a kick out of finding something that is just the absolute opposite of me – and falling in a deep, deep like; surprising just about everyone, including myself.

it was like that when i found that one solange single i couldn’t stop listening to, when i realized i actually loved beets – despite years and years of saying nyet, spasiba, whenever my baba passed a plate of them around the table. it was the same when i realized wearing birkenstocks (without irony, but around the house – ONLY) made me realize that yes, slippers are a goooooood thing. and then, then there was that time i was reading miss moss and found that although geometry in jewelry will forever have my heart, sometimes, just sometimes i can go against my own idiosyncrasies, and find a fiber that ties us all together.





→ source : all the pretty things via erin considine


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