“my weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order.” // d. parton

who knew i had so much in common with ms. parton? the first weakness is most absolutely true – in second place could come men; or lipgloss, or a bracelet, or even a slice of pizza. but wait, that would be food, wouldn’t it? perhaps i have a one track mind, but it’s not all cheese and sauce – or trinkets and balms. add a pair of sunglasses into the mix and i’m not sure my will could stand in front of that sort of personal kryptonite.

i’ve heard it said that to apologize is a sign of weakness, but if all these things that give me a thrill are considered a shortcoming, then i am sorry – but i’d rather not be strong.





→ source : tokyo camoflauge sunglasses via prism

→ source : round acetate sunglasses by marni via net-a-porter

→ source : kiteys sunglasses via sunday somewhere

→ source : laura sunglasses via sunday somewhere

☆ // hope it’s sunny where you are this weekend.


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