“become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.” // l.b. johnson

i’ve decided that i’m going to wrap myself up in every single scarf i own, (which would basically turn me from just a mum to a mummy), and become brave against the bluster of winter. it’s that personal insulation i’m looking for that’ll make all the difference once the tundra sets in. use this as a public service announcement – i’m a mummy, occasionally in both senses of the word – i want you to keep warm.





→ source : e-casiopia scarf via becksöndergaard

→ source : hedy chunky-knit wool collar via eugenia kim

→ source : strizzate sasette printed silk/modal scarf via weston earth images and net-a-porter

→ source : nightshade scarf via plümo


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