“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” // a.c. clarke

i’m not one to shy away from technology – really, i think sometimes i’d like to run up and give it a big, warm hug and invite it over for dinner.

i really like my super-smart phone, with all it’s bells, whistles, and apps for waking me up, helping me fall asleep, and amusing me with games, news, gossip, and all sorts of sundry that come in and around 140 characters. granted, i understand that there poses a threat – that instead of me using technology, it may in fact, end up using me – yet, in my head it all works out; it’s a mutually beneficial conundrum. it helps me through my day, i feed the industry – and then i come home with all different sorts of accessories to go along with my electronic accessories. the circle of life – she is complete.





→ source : belmont leather clutch (charger INSIDE!) via everpurse

→ source : minimalism 10 iphone case by mareike böhmer via society6

→ source : mini jambox via jambone

→ source : fumo ipad case via alexander wang


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