“marry an outdoors woman. then if you throw her out into the yard on a cold night, she can still survive.” // w.c. fields

not only did i wear tights today – but then i put on a pair of wooly socks on top.

it’s been a bit misleading as of late – you could’ve been thinking that winter would never come, considering the relatively balmy days, the rainy afternoons – the not needing to clear snow off the front walk or having to leave the house hours earlier because you know that the moment you wake up to a light dusting of snow – most people will have oddly forgotten how to drive.

but this morning – we woke up and there it was. winter. snow needed to be shoveled, our breath hung in the air, and we bundled ourselves up, bracing for the cold. yet, it was just a test. by the afternoon it had all melted and coats were left open. i’m not so easily mislead though – i know i’ll be wrapping myself up tightly in wool once again – and soon, all you’ll see is a mop of hair and the green of my eyes.





→ source : christopher kane oblong men’s scarf via thecorner

→ source : carpet patch scarf via stella mccartney

→ source : hellick wrap via plümo

→ source : garamantes scarf in black via a peace treaty


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