“reading and sauntering and lounging and dosing, which i call thinking, is my supreme happiness.” // d. hume

and here it is. what for most becomes the last real busy-making day of 2013.

i say real, in that even though some of us might need to head in to work in the remaining days before/in-between-christmas, and the days leading up to new year’s eve, those days aren’t usually the most productive. our minds are engaged in matters more snoozy;  lounging, eating too much, falling asleep on sofas, and padding about in slippers. if there was any part of the year where laziness should be encouraged, it would be the sleepiest end of this very month.

and whether you do it style in silks and marabou, or plumbing the depths of comfort in grungy concert tee and sweat-socks – it’s all good, it’s been a long year, end it any which way you want…





→ source : marina pajama shirt via sleepy jones

→ source : men’s flannel nightshirt via lands end

→ source : lillian silk dotted pajama set via equipment

→ source : perfection = men’s oversized white t-shirt. wear a 2X and call me in the morning. via hanes

☆ // may your weekend be very, very comfortable.


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