“perfection has one grave defect: it is apt to be dull.” // w. somerset maugham

well, this is a revelation.

all this time i was worried about not being able to summit mount perfection, when in fact, i needn’t have worried. i could’ve very well rested on my laurels, (and ass), as i was never going to get there – and since fretting about being dull would be an exercise in futility, i should simply rest uneasy about the drab state of my skin.

december has found itself doing battle on my face. both sides of this scrimmage, a northern cold front and a southern warm front, have made my skin a sight of aggravation and confusion, resulting in a pallor that is less than ideal. so, i’m enlisting an army, no uniform is necessary – but, lights out at 2300 hours; ‘beauty’ sleep is mandatory.





→ source : facial detox purifying facial mask via elemental herbology

→ source : tea tree leaf facial exfoliant via aesop

→ source : bearberry skin balancing & toning mist via john masters

→ source : bio-active purifying face serum via suki


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