“ah, what happiness it is to be with people who are all happy, to press hands, press cheeks, smile into eyes.” // k. mansfield

holding hands has become a rather clumsy affair.

big woolen mitts don’t lend well with affection. a leather gloved hand clasped into the palm of the largest fleeced-lined mitten is a bit akin to two middle-schoolers trying to slow dance. you can’t feel much of anything – but you have the faint feeling of someone else being in your proximity.

the alternative, going without when the weather hits many degrees below 0°C, which i somehow keep finding myself doing – renders handholding a no-go as well. who wants to hold hands with someone with the scaly skin of a molted snake – blotchy, itchy, red and raw? no one, that’s who.

so, coat those hands, the elements won’t be kind. for roughly the next 1oo days. yay.





→ source : high intensity hand cream via bliss

→ source : healing hands hand cream via face stockholm & in toronto, at pimlico

→ source : argan infinity cream via josie maran cosmetics

→ source : crema via rodin olio lusso


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