“sometimes too much to drink is barely enough.” // m. twain

talking about new year’s eve makes me feel like such a killjoy.

i promise i enjoy mirth and revelry as much as the next person, pinky-swear i do. i just don’t dig it that much when i feel like i’m being compelled to be excited and ecstatic when i’m just not feeling it. new year’s eve, to me, is the eternal let-down. it’s not that i don’t understand the need for excitement; it’s the end of another year, and the beginnings of yet another – it’s something new, it’s something fresh – it’s something to look forward to – it’s hope made real, bubbling in a coupe of champagne.

i instead choose to make my 31st a little quieter. we’ll stay in, i’ll actually cook something that will require me to mince, chop and simmer – we’ll have a glass of something or other, and i’ll make my peace with whatever happened in the year i’m saying goodbye to, and welcome yet another, with just a little bit of quiet reflection and 365 days worth of humour.

whatever you do – whether it be soaked in alcohol, loud, messy and/or noisy, or if you end up in bed by 10.30pm, let your 2014 be whatever you want it to be. it isn’t up to the year after all, i think the year may be up to you.

play safe, be well, see you next year…





➝ image source : c.s. lewis quote via inspiration feed

➝ image source : stay home image via suus loves

➝ image source : just fucking own it via gala darling & her pinterest

➝ source : gold octahedron crystal confetti pinata via studio mucci


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