“i make no secret of the fact that i would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it.” // s. conran

it has been said, that change is as good as a rest. i’ve decided that i’ve been well enough behaved to do both.

utter nonsense and long-winded ramblings will be intermittent during the next ten days or so. we’re leaving on a jet-plane and will speed 37,000 feet in the air toward the pacific coast to enjoy some good coffee, a bit of cool sunshine, and more than anything – a bit of a rest.

thank you for stopping by, whenever you had the chance or the inclination this year – and to you and yours, have a happy, merry and healthy whathaveyou, and a most wonderful ushering in of the very absurd sounding 2014. i’ll see you soon!





→ image source : deborah gordon of ollie & seb’s haus via a merry mishap

→ image source : so much to do poster via bobsmade

→ image source : geometric tree via pinterest/love love me do

→ image source : a better 2014 via sans the spectrum


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