“if the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and stare.” // r.w. emerson

there are a moments when i do believe that my life would be better served by moving to the country*, as opposed to staying in the city – and that’s only when i look up on a clear night and can see a sea of stars blanketing the midnight blue of sky.

things always come up dots or stripes in our house, but it has always been a wash of stars that has held my fascination. so much so that i just had to get a twosome of small ones tattooed on my left wrist. i’m not sure whether it’s because my feet have forever been so firmly planted on terra firma that i look up to the sky to forget this constant gravitational pull, or because quite simply they may just be the most amazing things i’ve ever seen; but sometimes forget exist – due to these bright lights, big city.





→ source : vika ganzinskaya oversized embroidered cotton & silk dress via net-a-porter

→ source : saturday morning mug in black star cluster via saturday

→ source : becksöndergaard starry supernova wool scarf via leif

→ source : star dangle cuff via scosha

*the other reason would be to be closer to you, happy happy homestead


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