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“the fashionable woman wears clothes. the clothes don’t wear her.” // m. quant 

this may or may not have something to do with alexa chung.

i don’t know much about her at all – i’ve never seen her presenting, yet she’s always a favourite to watch at the arrivals for a chanel show; she is rather fetching, and i’m just a little bit jealous of her always-perfect cat-flick. i’ve flipped through her book, and i wouldn’t deny her a certain charm and humour – she’s got that thing, that it thing, that thing that makes her someone you want to look at, someone you might maybe want to aspire to be like. for me, of course, it’s so obvious – she’s lithe, she’s a brunette that can work a slight hive and that 60s english mod-slash-rose thing is just something i’ve always wished i could be. the only thing i have easier access to is a few parts of her favored wardrobe.


Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 8.53.49 AM



→ source : punched square flower rosemary bag via orla kiely

→ source : giant wildflower print organza tunic via orla kiely

→ source : tilda sunglasses via orla kiely

→ source : and one outlier – jazz shoes from toast, orla doesn’t shoes…

“we would all like a reputation for generosity and we’d all like to buy it cheap.” // m. mclaughlin

has it hit defcon 3 yet? are you heading close to threat-level 4? have the seven shopping days left until the most glorious time of the year become a series of ill-conceived decisions wherein you’re left wondering who exactly those antler earmuffs were meant for?

i’m here to help. now. take a deeeeeep, cleansing breath.

i can’t lie, you’re running out of time, and 2am online binges won’t get your goods here on time. yet, procuring some last minute items that scream “I CARE FOR YOU”, but won’t leave you neglecting your electricity bill are closer than you think. put on your mittens, it’s cold out there:





→ source : double grid ring via biko & and available in-store at love of mine boutique – 781 queen st. west

→ source : rose lip balm via herbivore botanicals and available in-store at easy tiger goods – 1447 dundas st. west

→ source : morrissey – autobiography, (oh, just get this one for yourself) available in-store at typebooks – 883 queen st. west

→ source : broadway print scarf via good & co. and available in-store at bluebird – 758 queen st. west

“don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. it is already tomorrow in australia.” // c.m. schulz

there are moments, when i think one could believe that australia exists in some alternate reality. it is so remote, so opposite, so damn sunshiny, that it seems like it could just be some dream that happens only when we, in the northern hemisphere, slumber – in our socks and long pants, in the darkest and coldest days of december. however – then i remember, that it is indeed true and not some fantasy; bondi, the opera house, sunday somewhere, toowoomba, (i just love saying it), ksubi, shakuhachi – all australian. and just by chance, i found another line from down under that i think might need to come way up north – alpha 60, i think your isadora shirt dress is moving to canada… (bring a coat).





→ source : all the pretty things via alpha 60

“the reactions of the human heart are not mechanical and predictable but infinitely subtle and delicate.” // d. ikeda

i’ve always been the tough cookie. hard, crispy coating on the outside, middle of goo and melted sugar on the inside.

i’ve just found having a tougher exterior makes having an interior made of marshmallow a bit simpler to reconcile. but, now – it seems that i’m beginning to show a few small cracks and things have become a bit s’more-like. i’m starting to find that i’m moving away from the heavy, the cumbersome, the accessories that weigh me down – just helping gravity along. but, now – it seems i’m veering toward the delicate, the fine – the pretty. it’s odd – i’ve never done plain pretty before, and although it feels a little unlike myself, it also feels really good.





→ source : dart bangle via another feather

→ source : black equilibrium cuff ring via jennie kwon designs

→ source : caya necklace via maria black

→ source : s memento bracelet via the boyscouts

“i want an oompa-loompa!’ screamed veruca.” // r. dahl (charlie and the chocolate factory)

greed doesn’t suit anyone’s complexion, but at this time of year the ever-powerful id induces me to butt in to my general generosity towards others.

it wouldn’t be a revelation, big or small, to say that i like things, lots of things; but at this time of year, there are always just a few items at the top of my list – that should someone see fit to file me under the ‘nice’ column, i wouldn’t mind unwrapping a little something unexpected, but very truly wanted, sometime during this holiday season…





→ source : todd pownell irregular diamond channel band via twist online

→ source : smart decisions tote via cute though

→ source : hay’s dlm table in pale gray via the lollipop shoppe

→ source : albert shoulder/crossbody bag in blue via jérôme dreyfuss

☆ // may your weekend be filled with smart decisions.

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