“a good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” // j. stepakoff

there are a few scents i’m forever done in by.

the smell of cinnamon, and therefore, winter and apple pie; popcorn, and so, salty butter and my favourite films; and ysl’s opium that obviously ends in me, age six looking up at my mum – thinking that she very well must be the most glamorous woman in the world; holding her hand and never wanting to let it go. scent – she is omnipotent in the eyes (and noses) of our memories.

i’ve worn the very same scent for almost two decades now – and every time i get it in my head to make a change, the outcome ends up going sour. is it my signature, or just a matter of the habitual? all i do know – is that there is a disconnect between my sense of smell and my sense of self. i want to move on, i just don’t know how…





→ source : blanche eau de parfum in blanche via byredo

→ source : fresh laundry via clean perfume

→ source : odeur 53 by comme des garçons via lucky scent

→ source : at the beach 1966 via cb i hate perfume

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