“we would all like a reputation for generosity and we’d all like to buy it cheap.” // m. mclaughlin

has it hit defcon 3 yet? are you heading close to threat-level 4? have the seven shopping days left until the most glorious time of the year become a series of ill-conceived decisions wherein you’re left wondering who exactly those antler earmuffs were meant for?

i’m here to help. now. take a deeeeeep, cleansing breath.

i can’t lie, you’re running out of time, and 2am online binges won’t get your goods here on time. yet, procuring some last minute items that scream “I CARE FOR YOU”, but won’t leave you neglecting your electricity bill are closer than you think. put on your mittens, it’s cold out there:





→ source : double grid ring via biko & and available in-store at love of mine boutique – 781 queen st. west

→ source : rose lip balm via herbivore botanicals and available in-store at easy tiger goods – 1447 dundas st. west

→ source : morrissey – autobiography, (oh, just get this one for yourself) available in-store at typebooks – 883 queen st. west

→ source : broadway print scarf via good & co. and available in-store at bluebird – 758 queen st. west


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