“the reactions of the human heart are not mechanical and predictable but infinitely subtle and delicate.” // d. ikeda

i’ve always been the tough cookie. hard, crispy coating on the outside, middle of goo and melted sugar on the inside.

i’ve just found having a tougher exterior makes having an interior made of marshmallow a bit simpler to reconcile. but, now – it seems that i’m beginning to show a few small cracks and things have become a bit s’more-like. i’m starting to find that i’m moving away from the heavy, the cumbersome, the accessories that weigh me down – just helping gravity along. but, now – it seems i’m veering toward the delicate, the fine – the pretty. it’s odd – i’ve never done plain pretty before, and although it feels a little unlike myself, it also feels really good.





→ source : dart bangle via another feather

→ source : black equilibrium cuff ring via jennie kwon designs

→ source : caya necklace via maria black

→ source : s memento bracelet via the boyscouts


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