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” ’tis healthy to be sick sometimes.” // h.d. thoreau

if this is true, than i am a beacon of good health and vigor – because in all honesty, i’m feeling absolutely gruesome. no amount of layers can contend with my shivering, my head feels as large, (and as battered) as a birthday piñata, and the cough. oh, the most aggravating, annoying cough. it is endless. it has no start, it has had no end. it’s remarkable i’m level-headed enough to type this, the moan-iest post ever committed to screen. and yet, i’ve still mustered up the energy to seek out these few items that really, just lull me back to bed for a rest.

it’s fine, i’m off; my cough medicine has kicked in.





and no, nothing matches.

→ source : men’s scotch plaid flannel robe via l.l. bean (yes. you read that right.)

→ source : won sweater via hope stockholm

→ source : knitted jacquard leggings via toast

→ source : men’s camp socks via j.crew

“everything we care about lies somewhere in the middle, where pattern and randomness interlace.” // j. gleick

there is no table of contents to find the precise spots in my psyche to point anyone in the right direction of my likes, wants; and the randomness of things i find myself attracted to. i can hardly tell you why a fine geometric line makes my head spin, or why a spool of cotton twine can break any sense of will, and how some arbitrary curio placed just so on a bureau will make the day just a bit sun-shinier. i suppose that’s what is meant when ‘life is in the details‘. those random, seemingly nonsensical line-items that perhaps don’t scan for anyone else, just happen to make your life, yours.





→ source : candy cushion by tove johansson via leif

→ source : creatures of the night by the adventures of print via the minimalist

→ source : black apple container by michiko shimada via still house

→ source : horseshoe magnet by areaware via let liv

“an excellent man, like precious metal, is in every way invariable;…” // j. locke

diamonds have never done me in. knees have yet to buckle in plain view of a sparkly bauble. they are pretty, very pretty to be fair, but what always caught my attention was the living element in the way a silver bangle changed its shape after each wear. how brass changes its colour depending on a body’s chemistry; how copper darkens with age. a stone captures light and keeps it close, but metals – they shape-shift and change with each wear; imbuing them with just a little bit of life.

why is it then that when wearing metallics one gets far removed from the terrestrial, and ends up looking a little bit extra?

a scientific conundrum, to be sure.





→ source : acne mape silver jacket via mytheresa

→ source : majestic filatures tank top via farfetch

→ source : metallic skinnies via 75 faubourg

→ source : laurence dacade doony buckle heels via browns fashion

“isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” // a. warhol





→ image source : new england society

→ image source : jose romussi via the jealous curator

→ image source : tiefgang

→ image source : emmas design blogg/pinterest

☆ // may your weekend be filled with fabulous imagery.

“stars shining bright above you
night breezes seem to whisper, i love you
birds singin’ in the sycamore trees
dream a little dream of me…” // g. kahn

haute couture is a dream realized. it is the most persuasive argument in the ‘is fashion art?’ discussion. i am most definitely in the camp that says, yes – yes, it damn well is. because if you can’t see just the smallest bit of artistry in the workmanship, in the tailoring, in the attention to detail alone, well, i won’t try to convince you.

i’ll just have to sit this one out, as with more headier and substantial themes (politics? religion?), there’s no way you’re going to be able to change anyone’s mind, nor should you; you just believe what you need to believe to get you through the night, and to keep on dreaming…





→ source : vionnet couture spring 2014 via

→ source : maison martin margiela couture spring 2014 via

→ source : valentino couture spring 2014 via

→ source : christian dior couture spring 2014 via

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