“tomorrow is the most important thing in life. comes into us at midnight very clean. it’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands.// j. wayne

it’s always at the beginning of a new year when it’s simple to make grand statements of change.

i, however, learned long ago what a completely pointless thing that was for me to do. if my character is lacking in something, and trust me – it’s lacking quite a bit, but if i were to admit to at least one negative – it would be that although i am most dependable in the lives of others, in my own little life, i am not to be trusted. i vacillate between being the strongest person you’ll ever meet to being the one with the least restraint, (which would probably not come as a surprise considering the chosen topic of this site).

however, the one thing i can honestly say i’m trying to see clear is bringing in a certain simplicity, a kind of cleanliness into my life – less clutter, less with the cumbersome and more with the subtle. does this mean less in total? most definitely not – just simpler in texture and quieter in tone.





→ source : bronze crescent bracelet via bario neal

→ source : solitaire pearl via saskia diez

→ source : vibe harslof gold v bracelet via anthem wares

→ source : orbit bracelet via lulu frost


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