“stars shining bright above you
night breezes seem to whisper, i love you
birds singin’ in the sycamore trees
dream a little dream of me…” // g. kahn

haute couture is a dream realized. it is the most persuasive argument in the ‘is fashion art?’ discussion. i am most definitely in the camp that says, yes – yes, it damn well is. because if you can’t see just the smallest bit of artistry in the workmanship, in the tailoring, in the attention to detail alone, well, i won’t try to convince you.

i’ll just have to sit this one out, as with more headier and substantial themes (politics? religion?), there’s no way you’re going to be able to change anyone’s mind, nor should you; you just believe what you need to believe to get you through the night, and to keep on dreaming…





→ source : vionnet couture spring 2014 via style.com

→ source : maison martin margiela couture spring 2014 via style.com

→ source : valentino couture spring 2014 via style.com

→ source : christian dior couture spring 2014 via style.com


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