” ’tis healthy to be sick sometimes.” // h.d. thoreau

if this is true, than i am a beacon of good health and vigor – because in all honesty, i’m feeling absolutely gruesome. no amount of layers can contend with my shivering, my head feels as large, (and as battered) as a birthday piñata, and the cough. oh, the most aggravating, annoying cough. it is endless. it has no start, it has had no end. it’s remarkable i’m level-headed enough to type this, the moan-iest post ever committed to screen. and yet, i’ve still mustered up the energy to seek out these few items that really, just lull me back to bed for a rest.

it’s fine, i’m off; my cough medicine has kicked in.





and no, nothing matches.

→ source : men’s scotch plaid flannel robe via l.l. bean (yes. you read that right.)

→ source : won sweater via hope stockholm

→ source : knitted jacquard leggings via toast

→ source : men’s camp socks via j.crew


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