i was the first woman to burn my bra – it took the fire department four days to put it out. // d. parton

never-mind that i’m not one to show it off – but when layer after layer of clothing goes on, the last thing you’ll see in the evenings before you opt in to your grubbies (or loungewear, if you’re tony), will be the foundation garments you chose to wear roughly 14 hours earlier.

and though you’re (me, fine), are probably too tired, too sluggish, too lazy to actually care about what you look like that far-gone from getting up in the morning, it’ll probably give you just enough of a perk to think the day was quite all right, if the undergarments you’re wearing are just the tiniest bit sweet*.




*(but granny-pants trump all in the under-carriage department – comfort is key people, comfort is key.)


→ source : margueritte riding soft bra via stella mccartney

→ source : brighton bra with mesh straps by ganni & available at need supply

→ source : rosalyn flocked tulle bra by l’agent by agent provocateur via selfridges

→ source : bell high-waisted bamboo briefs by base range via the lingerie and her film & good hood


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