“the earth laughs in flowers.” // r.w. emerson

to have flowers in my home – is pure joy. not just in the warmer months, when the colours are ecstatic in their shocking vibrance, but moreso now, when the colours all around have gone gray and brown and slush – it makes me catch my breath to have some brightness and humour in the house.

to wear a flower print, on the other hand – made me shudder. relegated to thoughts of chintz and octogenarian interior design, floral patterns sent me running back into the warm, yet exceedingly dark embrace of blacks, washed blacks, greys and the occasional dark blues of my wardrobe. i may have needed the assistance of a flashlight, but it felt like home.

yet, there’s been a change as of late. patterns – they’ve been creeping in. they don’t seem as frightening as they once did. florals, they don’t seem so dated. perhaps it’s me that is settling into age, perhaps i just don’t give a damn anymore – perhaps, if such a thing can happen, i’ve changed my mind? could it be? that a person as stubborn as set cement can let a little light in after so many years?

it can, it seems.





→ source : floral print kimono via topshop

→ source : floral stole by dvf via the corner

→ source : ganni sorrell dress via plümo

→ source : grey floral bat sleeve sweatshirt via cichic


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