“when i feel like exercising i just lie down until the feeling goes away.” // r.m. hutchins

i cannot tell a lie. well, i can (and do), but i’m feeling rather truth-y at the moment and so it goes: there might be nothing i detest more than working out.

what a relief to admit that. my resting heart rate may disagree with that relief, but for the rational, thinking part of me – it is my truth. i absolutely cringe at the thought of going to a gym; i hate thinking about how long i’ll have to endure the monotonous up and down of the elliptical machine – how far i’ll go, going absolutely nowhere on the treadmill – i can’t stand the thought of the sweat-hair, the locker rooms, the judgment of onlookers and the general meat-market-ness of it all.

can you feel the depth of my loathing?

pushing all of that aside, it has become very clear to me that at this point, i am just going to have to become comfortable with discomfort – to do something i intensely dislike; to become the person who powers through. it’s not even a matter of vanity, but make no mistake, it will play a part in me getting my sweat on.





→ source : studio jacket via adidas by stella mccartney

→ source : spring reversible seamless bra via athleta

→ source : chillax capri also via athleta

→ source : air max via footlocker & nike


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