“an excellent man, like precious metal, is in every way invariable;…” // j. locke

diamonds have never done me in. knees have yet to buckle in plain view of a sparkly bauble. they are pretty, very pretty to be fair, but what always caught my attention was the living element in the way a silver bangle changed its shape after each wear. how brass changes its colour depending on a body’s chemistry; how copper darkens with age. a stone captures light and keeps it close, but metals – they shape-shift and change with each wear; imbuing them with just a little bit of life.

why is it then that when wearing metallics one gets far removed from the terrestrial, and ends up looking a little bit extra?

a scientific conundrum, to be sure.





→ source : acne mape silver jacket via mytheresa

→ source : majestic filatures tank top via farfetch

→ source : metallic skinnies via 75 faubourg

→ source : laurence dacade doony buckle heels via browns fashion


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