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“the more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” // n.v. peale

i’m sure mr. peale was speaking of loftier topics than the clothes we choose to wear – but i definitely think he’s got a point.

things that fit close to the body, that cling to the skin – in all honesty, make me all twitchy. if you (read: me), have any more than 3% self-awareness or self-consciousness, those garments end up more like a magnifying glass, exposing every idiosyncrasy and every doubt – a laser-like beam of light on every part of softness that makes you question whether you’re wonderfully feminine, or if your foundation garments have let you down.

it doesn’t matter whether you’re slender or zäftig – if you’re not wholly comfortable with your body/con, you’re not going to be able to fool anyone into thinking you are. i say, if you’re anything like me, keep them guessing. go for a swim in something oversized, lose yourself in something bigger than you are, and let the mind wander.

the imagination is infinitely more interesting than reality anyway.





➝ source : lasaine dress in white via shaina mote

➝ source : yang li oversized tunic via henrik vibskov

➝ source : double-cuff oversized shirt via alexander mcqueen

➝ source : y’s oversized pajama top via lagarçonne

“lust’s passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes.” // m. de sade

it’s not a secret that i’m at the whim of my wants.

it’s not that i don’t have the strength to stand up against my appetites, if the mood strikes – and a simple tube of lipgloss beckons, i’ll bend to its will. i am not however, one to easily swoon for each and every runway collection. i like quite a few, i can be dazzled by a handful, but to have a visceral reaction, a physiological response; to find myself lusting for collection of clothes is a rare occurrence.

but now, that rare day has come – i sit here and shake my head, feeling a deep longing in my very core. dries van noten’s last fall/winter 2014 collection, it’s made me feel guilty every time i look at my husband.





➝ source : fall/winter 2014 dries van noten – all images via

“the finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.” // m. twain

it always at this point in the year that the irony dawns on me – that at its coldest, winter will make your skin as dry a desert lizard.

i can feel my skin fracture when i stretch; it has become dull, rough, and a white dust – like chalk, has settled on to its surface. yet, it seems no amount of moisture can bridge the gap, my skin has become too dehydrated, too scaly to keep up with any amount of lotion or cream; and i’m starting to feel a little defeated. that doesn’t mean i’ll stop trying, it just means i’ll need to find more space in my bathroom cupboards, it’s getting crowded in there.





➝ source : superbly restorative argan body lotion via kiehls

➝ source : josie maran whipped argan oil ultra-hydrating body butter via sephora

➝ source : skin deep dry leg oil via this works

➝ source : butter cream healing salve via suki skincare

“in diving to the bottom of pleasure we bring up more gravel than pearls.” // h. de balzac

i never thought much of pearls.

i thought them to be dated – pretty, but old-fashioned with a whiff of the staid. they were a remainder of days gone by, a heyday of white gloves and high necklines; of wing-tipped shoes, and of a time i have very little affinity with.

of course, chanel wore them. but that never made much difference to me. yet now – i’ve begun to see these milky nacre in a wholly modern light. and though i’ve never thought of myself as the type of girl to wear a strand of pearls, i’d most assuredly love to see one slinked around my wrist.





➝ source : all the pretty things by himo martin via pearls before swine

“even for me life had its gleams of sunshine.” // c. brontë

were you lulled into false sense of security? was it mid-afternoon on saturday, and with the sun shining brightly, did you think, squinting through your sunglasses; it’s sunny, it’s fleetingly balmy, could it be – could this be the quiet, and seemingly disinclined entrance of spring?

no one would aver a yea or nay, but i do know that the weather prompted me away from over-zealous parka, and into my woolen, 50s style cocoon coat, replete with three-quarter length sleeves. it might’ve been too early yet, but it didn’t stop me from having daydreams of light spring jackets, and poplin raincoats. can you believe it? this winter has made me lust for spring.

i’m not sure who the person in the mirror staring back at me is sometimes…








➝ source : postalco rain cape in green via mill mercantile

➝ source : herno hood jacket via far fetch

➝ source : transparent lafayette cape via terra new york

➝ source : polka detail swing coat via the whitepepper

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