“it’s a good thing that beauty is only skin deep, or i’d be rotten to the core.” // p. diller

it would be as obvious as the nose on my face that over the last little while i’ve been somewhat-totally-okay-obsessively concerned about the state of my face.

i can’t say for sure what’s happening sub-dermis, but let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. whether it be the weather, my advancing age, or perhaps i’ve somehow subconsciously figured out the spacetime continuum and i am now, in all actuality, traveling back in time to my most formidable teenage-hood, but looking in the mirror has become one elongated and exaggerated shrug. i haven’t the foggiest as to what’s happening, but i do have a faint idea as to how i just might keep it from getting out of hand.

if all goes to pot, the dermatologist should be expecting my call.





➝ source : alpha h clear skin face wash via bath & unwind

➝ source : tea tree water toner via lush cosmetics

➝ source : sheer transformation oil-free face cream via ole henriksen

➝ source : radiant creamy concealer via nars


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