“i’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? the fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘i’m bored.” // louis c.k.

i don’t get bored. it’s a rare thing for me to say it, or even feel it. i’m always entertained by my own company, and when in the company of others, it’s just a gas. i mean, it’s sleepy and slow and sometimes i repeat my funniest of anecdotes, but you know, a relative gas. i can however say, that i’ve become a bit dulled with the routine. the routine of snow and shovel, the monotony of chill and sneeze, and the ad nauseum of looking at this same face, every morning – and taking it off every night.

now, i’m not about to do something drastic, i kinda like my face, one droopy eyelid and crooked nose included. i can however, make a change to the daily trudge – a different colour of cat-eye, a spritz of oomph for flat winter hair. just a little something, literally, to get yourself out of some boring rut.





➝ source : maison martin margiela untitled eau de parfum via saks fifth avenue

➝ source : devotion ink via rouge bunny rouge

➝ source : glow tonic via pixi beauty

➝ source : atomic thickening spritz via original & mineral


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