“all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” // e.a. poe

i wouldn’t be surprised if i said the very same thing, on the very same day, this very same time last year. the point being, is that i am very much done with this winter.

it’s become tiresome at best, downright oppressive at its worst. i don’t remember a winter quite as fierce as the one we’re currently having, but my memory serves me rather well – and this year has been brutal.

but i’m caught, you see, in this catch-22 of weather, because if i’m complaining of winter, what will become of me when august ushers in the opposite effect? if i’m no longer able to accommodate the cold, and have no ability to deal with heat – what does that leave me with? yearning for a permanent october? well, why the hell not? my dream weather, deserves a dream outfit.







➝ source : flared leather moto jacket via proenza schouler

➝ source : split personality necklace via joomi lim

➝ source : sacai luck striped combo dress via lagarçonne

➝ source : posta platform by robert clergerie via totokaelo


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