“the mind can weave itself warmly in the cocoon of its own thoughts, and dwell a hermit anywhere.” // j.r. lowell

it would be so simple to wrap yourself up into a ball of wool and cotton, turn up the heat and never venture outside. i know it wouldn’t take much of an effort on my part to find myself having gone nowhere, done nothing, and not gone outside until the thaw came and went, the birds began to chirp, and suddenly, there it was, green grass on my front lawn.

i’m a homebody, and when there’s nothing pressing making me venture out into the big chill, staying home is just the very best thing i could think of doing. i know it’s not realistic – and i know i’d get punchy, and i’d need to GET OUT; but as it stands, i could stay in for days, puttering about, daydreaming of how this chair would go great in that corner, and how that little shelf could house all those knick-knacks i haven’t yet found a place for… see? down the rabbit-hole i go.





➝ source : oslo chair by muuto via finnish design shop

➝ source : dante divider via country road

➝ source : string pocket shelf via northern icon

➝ source : omaggio miniature vases by kähler via scandinavian design center


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