“i never let practical considerations clutter my youthful dreams.” // r. c. andrews

does it matter that the walks are lined with ice, crunching beneath a lug sole? would it even make a difference if the plows hadn’t piled the curbs with meters of snow? can you ‘let it go‘ while every bar of the frozen soundtrack plays in your head on repeat, for what seems like an icy eternity? no, it wouldn’t matter – because even if practicality played any part of my shoe-wearing decisions, i wouldn’t wear one pair of these. i’d love them from afar, but wear them? never.





→ source : tabitha simmons sandals via shoescribe

→ source : kayla black sandal via acne studios

→ source : miranda 130 via charlotte olympia

→ source : sophia webster leilou stripe sandal via net-a-porter

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