“when you paint spring, do not paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots, but just paint spring. to paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots is to paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots – it is not yet painting spring.” // dōgen

it could be wishful thinking, and it could also be the willful denial that this is still happening. that the scenic beauty of milky snowflakes falling, falling, falling, and falling some more has, four months in, decidedly lost its lustre. i no longer find it serene, no longer does the silence of snow soothe my wired mind. it gives way too quickly, and instead i think now only of muddy brown, of icy sludge, of dirt and the seemingly endless salt-stained boots, of runny noses, and pale, washed-out skin. i need a bloom of spring, just a flash – a fleeting moment to remind me that i haven’t up and moved to nuuk.

oh forget it. you know what’ll do the trick in one quick slick? i’m off to get a new lippy.





➝ source : lipstick in wild child via ilia

➝ source : superbalm in black honey by clinique  & via sephora

➝ source : chinatown glossy pencil by lipstick queen via space.nk

➝ source : lip & cheek fun-tasy by takashi murakami via shu uemura

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