“the sharp thorn often produces delicate roses.” // ovid

in this scenario, i would be the sharp thorn.

i wear black on the outside, not because i feel black on the inside, i’ll leave that to morrissey. i may wear a dark eye, and be drawn to round-toe boots, and wear so many pieces of heavy metal as to make noise when i make my way through a crowd. i do this not because i’m such a tough cookie, admittedly – i am that, but more often than not, i’m a softy. a pile of quivering mush. i weep at commercials, adore nothing more than looking at photos of beagle puppies, and it seems, i’m beginning to show some subtle proof, because that soft side of me is starting to trickle through. what happened? i suddenly like… simple and pretty.





➝ source : hexagon memento ring in rose gold via the boyscouts

➝ source : mini hex bracelet via mociun

➝ source : staple studs via kathleen whitaker

➝ source : fluo orange loop necklace via turina


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