“a figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles.” // w. ruggles

it’s not clear whether i naturally gravitate to stark angles and geometric shapes in a subconscious effort to deflect from my innate rubenesque…ness or not, but i think it may be a fair hypothesis. my hair coils and curls, my nose leans more toward the orbed then the angular, and my hips – well, i’m more than adequately cushioned about the middle.

perhaps i am attempting to obscure that softness within by protecting myself with sharpness without. and whether that’s nature, or nurture – i’ll never truly know, but does the reason matter much at all, when the edges look as sharp as this?





➝ source : alexa bracelet via fay andrada

➝ source : ‘les géométriques’ earrings via ag.jc

➝ source : mociun square ring via la garçonne

➝ source : cosmic necklace via the boyscouts


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