“we become what we behold.” // m . mcluhan

when you’re as tied to the city as i am, it’s difficult to picture yourself outside of it.

even when i’m away from my own – it’s not a coastal town or quiet country retreat i long for. it’s a din – it’s the hurried pace, it’s the street-noise and graffiti that i’m forever angling for. if i’m in need of a rest, i’ll ask for the late check-out option and the best place to have a lazy, two hour brunch; coffee cream and sugar, please.

i appreciate the quiet, the clear starry nights – but take me away from the city for longer than a weekend, and i’ll get punchy. the dirty alleyways and lop-sided sidewalks are as much a part of me as my curly hair and my relish for sarcasm. you can see it from a mile away that the city; the architecture, the grit and humour of living in a place like this, it’s sewn into the very clothes i’m most fond of.





➝ source : junya watanabe asymmetric linen shirt via railso

➝ source : peter pilotto ‘twist’ skirt via l’eclaireur

➝ source : corinne silver bracelet via acne studios

➝ source : balenciaga glove neoprene wedges via barneys


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