“you think you know someone by looking at his face but what can one face say about the thousand thoughts behind those eyes.” // m. wiggins

we’re given these faces – they’re young and supple, and as soft as the fuzz on peaches – and then, we grow older.

we shape-shift, we rouge, pluck and line. we squint through eyes that suddenly need glasses to see either near or far – and laugh, frown and yell through mouths that sound a crack because we’ve consumed so much of what life has to offer; at least the pizza boxes left for pick-up seem to suggest so.

we wear our own faces in a thousand different ways each day, that to wear just one more, a t-shirt or handbag, seems almost too weighty a task. unless of course, you’re hoping to conceal your own – and use the other as a decoy.





➝ source : nil & mon ‘heartack’ sweatshirt via far fetch

➝ source : saffiano girl handbag via prada

➝ source : face-intarsia t-shirt via moschino cheap & chic

➝ source : oversized face print dress via richard nicoll


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