“beauty and folly are old companions.” // b. franklin

this post is brought to you by the letter ‘b’ and by a lack of common sense. it’s also all refinery 29‘s fault.

since i’m prone to bouts of rampant consumerism in the vainglorious pursuit of clear skin – i can be easily lead down the garden path of promises made by all sorts of products.

though i’m rather slow to warm to instant best-sellers, number one movies at the box office, and all the rage – (whatever that rage may be at this very moment); when it comes to my face i’ll be first in line to try whatever it is you’re shilling. better yet, make it foreign, covetable due to it’s international hard-to-get-ness and includes instructions on use that i cannot for-the-life-of-me understand, and i am there with lightning speed. bells on. quick as a whip.

promise me a brighter day and a clearer complexion and any and all shreds of good sense i might’ve had, just… vanishes.





➝ source : missha speedy solution anti-trouble patch via sokoglam

➝ source : caolion pore minimizing pack via peach and lily

➝ source : cure natural aqua gel via amazon

➝ source : etude baking powder pore crunch scrub via kollection k


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