“it’s dreadful what little things lead people to misunderstand each other.” // l.m. montgomery

it’s merely a trifle, this small bit of confusion, and yet – i still find myself scratching my head in need of an answer.

when i was in high school – trying to wedge myself on the bus to get home, there were those who wore the shoulder-slung messenger bag, and those who wore the backpack – and in all seriousness, it was a bit like the jets vs. the sharks getting myself home. those who carried a messenger had their feet planted on terra firma, and the backpackers seemed a bit bubble-headed, a bit oblivious. instead of one, they took up the space of two surly teenagers, and if they tried to turn to say an exaggerated ‘OMG!’ to a friend, you were in danger of being knocked out and over.

two decades later and i’m still in a shade of misunderstanding – i just don’t get the appeal of the backpack. what’s more, when the bag has taken a turn toward the luxe and prices are heading into the $3K range (chanel, i’m looking at you) – it all just seems a bit high school.





➝ source : ps small backpack via proenza schouler

➝ source : marti backpack in rhodium via alexander wang

➝ source : a $1000! cotton! canvas! dollar sign! printed pack by saint laurent via browns fashion

➝ source : now, for the $3,400 art school backpack, that looks like that, via chanel


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