“by being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.” // c. dior

though inherently sincere – i’m all for a little manufacturing in the beauty department.

this is not to say that i’m one with the cat lady of new york, i’ve gone without any injections, lifts or tucks – but i am one for putting on a face and covering up whatever blemish or spot is plaguing me at the moment – and trust that there is always something plaguing me.

so, whatever the cosmetic industry deems to be the most powerful and effective substance at this precise moment – no matter if it has a name like benzoyl peroxide or silanediol salicylate, (i’m not even looking that one up), eventually it will end up smeared all over my face.

take for instance the whale of wale on my left cheek. if i were counting days since it appeared, we’d be on day 61 of ‘the thing’ as i’ve taken to calling it, showed up. i know not what it is, other than it has driven me to a point of obsessiveness that has found me taking the ‘let’s-put-every-single-thing-i-can-think-of-to-get-this-mother-off-my-face‘ approach. you can just imagine how successful this regimen has been.

now that my skin is in a state of shock, i’m trying to treat it with kid gloves. and if kid gloves means putting smashed garlic on my face at night, splashing apple cider on it in the morning, and hoping the coconut oil and manuka honey masks will make it all dewy and soft – then there you have it; there’s my version of gentle and natural skincare.






➝ source : garlic. via every grocery store and corner shop. off you go. smash it up, and smear it on; smell good.

➝ source : willow natural face toner w/apple cider vinegar via kauffman mercantile

➝ source : or, if you don’t want to make a fuss, bragg apple cider vinegar will do the trick – visit the site for the hat alone.

➝ source : my pillowcase could make a vinaigrette – raw manuka honey via wedderspoon & better grocery stores.

➝ source : coconut oil – get a tub for $12 at your local health food store, or pick up some coconut melt via dr jackson

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