“my life looked good on paper – where, in fact, almost all of it was being lived.” // m. amis

i vowed years ago, when the rise of e-readers, tablets and smartphones became ever apparent, that i would keep close the books and lined pages of paper – with sticky bindings weighed heavy with ink – and books with their creak of hardcovers and the dog-earring of pages. words printed on paper just seemed to carry with them an importance, a weight of intimacy that i imagined were secrets i’d carry with me everywhere and for… ever.

then of course, my back started to hurt. and the phone got smarter than me, the tablet got a mini version and well, i’m a sucker for the kawaii electronic device. and though i do rely an awful lot on electricity, 140 characters and touch-screens to get me through my day, i can’t deny the lure of paper, a brightly-hued pen, and a little bit of that retro feel… a note scribbler i remain.





➝ source : rifle paper co.’s garance doré collection, available this spring via rifle paper co.

➝ source : hay colour notes via finnish design shop

➝ source : numbers jotter via present & correct

➝ source : vivid pens via mochi things


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