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“she turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head, and whispered to her neighbor: ‘winter is dead.’ ” // a.a. milne

it’s easier to refute the fact that it’s still sosocold out when the sun comes out to play.

the weekend came and went and with it, a semblance of warmth and the fleeting sense that although the temperature was proving itself temperamental, the season of spring is finally upon us. a wash of light can do that to a person – one who has been under the shade of warm toques and (faux) fur-lined hoods. you get so used to the dim light of winter that when it suddenly turns light – your eyes blink quickly and squint at the unfamiliar brightness and it almost serves as the unofficial end of the gray season, and the beginning of a new season of… adding one more pair to my collection of sunnies.





➝ source : G.V.G.V. pink scalloped sunglasses via h. lorenzo

➝ source : the dandy sunglasses via le specs

➝ source : one worship sunglasses in black via karen walker

➝ source : anna 22 sunglasses in pink and orange via theo and available at spectacle

“nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.” // b. watterson

i am TGIF’ing so hard right now.

it’s been a long, rough-ride of a week, and i’m rather glad that i can check off another day with a big, bold X – and start again, fresh-faced and new – tomorrow. but for today, i’m making a quick retreat, bowing a small curtsey and making my exit, only leaving a few niceties in my wake.

it’s perfect if you like them too – it’ll see you through the weekend, and i’ll meet you back here monday, with a possibly brighter disposition.





➝ source : vivetta aurelio coat via moda operandi

➝ source : triangle bangle via drift riot

➝ source : exfoliating rice enzyme powder via tatcha

➝ source : can you tell i need a cup of coffee? constellations enamel mug via leif

“our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” // r.w. emerson

earlier this week, stella bugbee – the editorial director at the cut expressed a certain frustration – an interesting turn of events coming from someone deep inside the fashion industry. she asked why it was that so many editors were stuck on the idea that fashion, (to us, the plebes on the outside) should be viewed as wholly aspirational – something that we crave to be, look like, and possess? where instead it should be savored for what it actually is: a source of beauty, creativity and more than aspirational, inspirational.

i chimed in with my two cents worth, stating that i agreed – that a fashion magazine has never wielded such power over me, that it never made me feel any less than i was or am. an editorial has never made me feel unattractive, short, squat and without means. i may be all those things, (ah, self-deprecation!), but nothing that ever came out of vogue persuaded me to think that. instead, the reverse is closer to the truth – fashion magazines made me fall in love with the idea of expression, the fantasy, the charm of it; it was encouragement in the form of an editorial.

the face‘ – defunct now, but in the 90s it was the beacon of all things cool – and not only did it write and show the fashions (and music) i so loved, but also motivated the sense of style that i was so eager to express, but felt anxious to do so growing up in a suburban part of town wherein i stuck out like a very modish thumb with a mess of curly hair. those images inspired a certain determination in me, it did not however, make me yearn for the new ‘it’ bag, a new wardrobe, or a brand-new face.





➝ source : alexander mcqueen by nick knight for the face via corpus + obscura

➝ source : bridget hall by david sims for the face via sally lyndley

➝ source : blur by nicolas hidiroglou for the face via vblur page

➝ source : kate moss by corinne day for the face via pure trend

“by being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.” // c. dior

though inherently sincere – i’m all for a little manufacturing in the beauty department.

this is not to say that i’m one with the cat lady of new york, i’ve gone without any injections, lifts or tucks – but i am one for putting on a face and covering up whatever blemish or spot is plaguing me at the moment – and trust that there is always something plaguing me.

so, whatever the cosmetic industry deems to be the most powerful and effective substance at this precise moment – no matter if it has a name like benzoyl peroxide or silanediol salicylate, (i’m not even looking that one up), eventually it will end up smeared all over my face.

take for instance the whale of wale on my left cheek. if i were counting days since it appeared, we’d be on day 61 of ‘the thing’ as i’ve taken to calling it, showed up. i know not what it is, other than it has driven me to a point of obsessiveness that has found me taking the ‘let’s-put-every-single-thing-i-can-think-of-to-get-this-mother-off-my-face‘ approach. you can just imagine how successful this regimen has been.

now that my skin is in a state of shock, i’m trying to treat it with kid gloves. and if kid gloves means putting smashed garlic on my face at night, splashing apple cider on it in the morning, and hoping the coconut oil and manuka honey masks will make it all dewy and soft – then there you have it; there’s my version of gentle and natural skincare.






➝ source : garlic. via every grocery store and corner shop. off you go. smash it up, and smear it on; smell good.

➝ source : willow natural face toner w/apple cider vinegar via kauffman mercantile

➝ source : or, if you don’t want to make a fuss, bragg apple cider vinegar will do the trick – visit the site for the hat alone.

➝ source : my pillowcase could make a vinaigrette – raw manuka honey via wedderspoon & better grocery stores.

➝ source : coconut oil – get a tub for $12 at your local health food store, or pick up some coconut melt via dr jackson

“a classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” // i. calvino

there’s a lot to be said for being deemed a classic.

these are the characteristics and details that have stood the test of time with grace, charm and perhaps just a whiff of arrogance for holding on for as long as they have. it can be said that to be a classic, is to be tedious – but would you call a jaguar e-type a bore? can you honestly say that you found catcher in the rye to be monotonous? and how many times did you look at your watch while watching rebecca?

i will never be a classic – not a classic in beauty, nor classic in style – but that is not meant as reproach; not everyone can be and well, i warm to the vanguard a little more quickly than i do to the tried and true.

but, i also don’t see how it is possible to sneer at something as simple, true and lovely as a bright eye, a red lip, and a little black dress.





➝ source : touche éclat via ysl beauty

➝ source : fracas via robert piguet perfumes

➝ source : rouge allure palpitante via chanel

➝ source : barika jersey dress by karl lagerfeld via net-a-porter

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