“where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” // b. okri

isn’t it odd that the people we seem to choose to include in our lives, the ones we cling most dearly to, are usually the ones that seem just the littlest bit off-kilter?

no matter how perfect the hair, precise the elocution, or straight the posture – once you crack the shell, it’s impossible to not see the complete nut inside. all the small details you thought were so exquisite suddenly dull just the tiniest bit because of the delightful minutiae that are most splendidly imperfect.

it’s those small particulars – the quirks, the crooked noses, the way you – (fine, i) can never pronounce compartmentalize without sounding out the syllables first – that make for an interesting life, a story worth telling. being perfect is such a bore.

it’s a good thing my skin has become so spotty as of late, those around me needn’t ever read a book – as it seems my face has a most vivid and lengthy tale to tell…





➝ source : dynaspot via eve lom

➝ source : pores no more pore effect via dr. brandt

➝ source : effaclar k clarifying moisturizer via la roche-posay & at dermstore

➝ source : tried & true: marvis toothpaste. this one with the benefit of cinnamon, the tastiest of antiseptics via co. bigelow

[these are all in my current spot-battling rotation.]


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