“nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.” // b. watterson

i am TGIF’ing so hard right now.

it’s been a long, rough-ride of a week, and i’m rather glad that i can check off another day with a big, bold X – and start again, fresh-faced and new – tomorrow. but for today, i’m making a quick retreat, bowing a small curtsey and making my exit, only leaving a few niceties in my wake.

it’s perfect if you like them too – it’ll see you through the weekend, and i’ll meet you back here monday, with a possibly brighter disposition.





➝ source : vivetta aurelio coat via moda operandi

➝ source : triangle bangle via drift riot

➝ source : exfoliating rice enzyme powder via tatcha

➝ source : can you tell i need a cup of coffee? constellations enamel mug via leif


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