“a classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” // i. calvino

there’s a lot to be said for being deemed a classic.

these are the characteristics and details that have stood the test of time with grace, charm and perhaps just a whiff of arrogance for holding on for as long as they have. it can be said that to be a classic, is to be tedious – but would you call a jaguar e-type a bore? can you honestly say that you found catcher in the rye to be monotonous? and how many times did you look at your watch while watching rebecca?

i will never be a classic – not a classic in beauty, nor classic in style – but that is not meant as reproach; not everyone can be and well, i warm to the vanguard a little more quickly than i do to the tried and true.

but, i also don’t see how it is possible to sneer at something as simple, true and lovely as a bright eye, a red lip, and a little black dress.





➝ source : touche éclat via ysl beauty

➝ source : fracas via robert piguet perfumes

➝ source : rouge allure palpitante via chanel

➝ source : barika jersey dress by karl lagerfeld via net-a-porter


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