“the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” // socrates

for as long as i’ve been entertaining thought, i’ve been going on and on about how self-aware i am – how i really know who i am, that i’ve got this very deep sense of understanding in regard to what makes me tick.

it’s not a snotty character trait at all – yet, i have this sinking feeling that it’s probably incredibly annoying to those who’ve heard it said countless times before. the problem with knowing yourself so well is that it becomes almost absurdly impossible to surprise myself. there is this methodical and unflinching part of me that is just so utterly predictable and i fear sometimes that i’m becoming a bore.

but then, something so unlike me happens – i’m caught off-guard because i find myself falling for something that is so unlike me, (like say, a drop-crotch-harem-pant-jumpsuit???) which is so opposite to what i normally go for, that i thankfully have this one moment to believe that i’m not this huge dullard stuck in a dirty-30s rut. apparently, i still have some time to totally dumbfound myself.





➝ source : i wasn’t fibbing about that drop-crotch/harem-pant – oak dhoti jumpsuit via net-a-porter

➝ source : it’s golden-hued and not a bit angular – hyperion pave bracelet via alexis bittar

➝ source : a pink skirt with the word ‘flounce’ in its name? ha. comme des garçons origami flounce skirt via farfetch

➝ source : stiletto heels? enough said. christian louboutin pigalle matte spiked pumps via browns


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