“she turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head, and whispered to her neighbor: ‘winter is dead.’ ” // a.a. milne

it’s easier to refute the fact that it’s still sosocold out when the sun comes out to play.

the weekend came and went and with it, a semblance of warmth and the fleeting sense that although the temperature was proving itself temperamental, the season of spring is finally upon us. a wash of light can do that to a person – one who has been under the shade of warm toques and (faux) fur-lined hoods. you get so used to the dim light of winter that when it suddenly turns light – your eyes blink quickly and squint at the unfamiliar brightness and it almost serves as the unofficial end of the gray season, and the beginning of a new season of… adding one more pair to my collection of sunnies.





➝ source : G.V.G.V. pink scalloped sunglasses via h. lorenzo

➝ source : the dandy sunglasses via le specs

➝ source : one worship sunglasses in black via karen walker

➝ source : anna 22 sunglasses in pink and orange via theo and available at spectacle


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