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“avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.” // w. penn

i’m not such a snob that i can’t openly admit to being one.

i mean, i do know. i dress in black, i have a penchant for british music, angular cuts in clothes and clunky shoes; knowing obscure facts in regard to pop culture is a strong suit – and i fully believe in the gospel of sarcasm and wry humour. i roll my eyes a lot.

yet, what makes me just a snob and not the height of pretension would be that i can see the draw in being popular. not to say that one should follow trends, or fads – i’m not telling you to download katy perry tracks, but there is a reason why certain brands are ubiquitous and reliably great. they’re (mostly) well made, they’re current, not too spendy and just plumb wearable. i mean, why wouldn’t you pay a visit from time to time?




➝ source : jacket with zips via zara

➝ source : perfect chambray shirtdress via madewell

➝ source : merino circle top via cos

➝ source : stationery clutch in metallic leather via jcrew

“i never look at fashion magazines. i find them incredibly boring.” // v. westwood

truth be told, i canceled all my fashion mag subscriptions – ms. westwood’s opinion wasn’t too far off from my reasons why.

perhaps age had something to do with it, since the only periodicals that darken my doorstep as of late are those that have most to do with creating a stylish home, as opposed to cultivating a snappy wardrobe. unquestionably, i adore fashion, but for the longest time there hasn’t been anything new about the magazines covering it. models replaced actresses, spreads with beautiful girls doing nothing more but the trentini jump – and if grace or carine weren’t at the helm, editorials might as well have been used as lullabies. it’s all been a bit of bore.

however, i think a memo has been sent out and the new creatives are trying their hand at making those glossies fresh and exciting again; and thank goodness for that – supermarket fashion mags are a dime a dozen, yet this fresher crop might make me reconsider my ever so boring view on fashion mags.


➝ source : frankie magazine

➝ source : i-D magazine

➝ source : violet magazine

➝ source : ironic, no? the gentlewoman

“man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” // a. malraux

to be clear, i’m not one to stay hidden.

there are times when i probably say too much, emote too much, wear much too much, and then comes august when my mane becomes way too much to contain.

however, there are those quiet corners, those moments of still that i find myself staying in, making sure the edges of magazines on tables match up in right angles, when the floors gleam, and everything has been put away properly. order, in amongst the chaos. i am split pretty evenly between the mess and tidy – and i am aware that though i keep much too much, all those scraps and mementos have a spot to be tucked away in. something pretty, something small; zippered pouches with clever patterns and quaint textures – the outsides of which will forever be winsome, no matter what secrets* may lurk inside of them.




➝ source : reversible b & w clutch via falconwright

➝ source : medium 3D zip via baggu

➝ source : tahiti reef pouch via samudra

➝ source : time’s arrow cracked silver clutch via ssense

*receipts and/or lip balms, mostly.

“i like it. what is it?” // a. burrill

i’m quite comfortable being the sole aye in a sea of nays.

it’s not that i’m trying to go against the grain, and like that which very few others do, but i know that sometimes my affections can run a bit into the unconventional, yet most of the time – even if they don’t agree, others can see my point.

and then there are those moments, when even i come across an object, or to be truly pretentious, an objet, and i’ll really connect with it on some level, and yet – i won’t have the foggiest idea as to what the ‘thing’ is meant to be/do/or is for. you’ll ask me to explain why, and i’ll just say ‘because’. and sometimes it is just that – because. in some odd or small way, it just resonates with an idiosyncrasy that just instinctively attracts you to it.

no explanations needed.




➝ source : ben fiess large jar via leif

➝ source : block vases via cos x nendo

➝ source : octahendron by eric trine via poketo

➝ source : white pyramid via anna leena

“someone asked me, if i were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring… ‘how to build a boat.’ // s. wright

the likelihood of me ending up on a desert island are fairly close to nil.

i’m not partial to open water, or a fan of sand finding its way into every crevice on my person; and let’s face it, i’m quite certain there isn’t enough SPF out there to cover the amount of sun-weariness i’m bound to incur. and before you question it, yes – i do travel with sunscreen in my bag at all times.

however, faced with the mere question of what i would take with me should i find myself stranded on a fingers-crossed shady island – left me for a loop. taking the obvious and personal out of the equation, (my husband and daughter would be safely tucked away playing video games and the dog would be wandering around the house searching for the curly-haired thing to give him a treat) – i was left with a serious and superficial conundrum. i mean, what five items would you not want to be caught stranded without?





➝ source : a dress that one could move about in, and also, if need be, sleep in. anouk dress via wood wood

➝ source : a pair so large, they might reflect light back to a passing ship – a stylish S.O.S. #289 via linda farrow

➝ source : lack of potable water won’t be a problem, this lip balm will quench your thirst. lucas’ papaw ointment

➝ source : scarf as blanket, hat, tent, flag; a multipurpose tool. agir in blue via a peace treaty

➝ source : write poetry on bark & make sure your eyes pop when they finally come save you. ink for eyes via urban decay

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