“avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.” // w. penn

i’m not such a snob that i can’t openly admit to being one.

i mean, i do know. i dress in black, i have a penchant for british music, angular cuts in clothes and clunky shoes; knowing obscure facts in regard to pop culture is a strong suit – and i fully believe in the gospel of sarcasm and wry humour. i roll my eyes a lot.

yet, what makes me just a snob and not the height of pretension would be that i can see the draw in being popular. not to say that one should follow trends, or fads – i’m not telling you to download katy perry tracks, but there is a reason why certain brands are ubiquitous and reliably great. they’re (mostly) well made, they’re current, not too spendy and just plumb wearable. i mean, why wouldn’t you pay a visit from time to time?




➝ source : jacket with zips via zara

➝ source : perfect chambray shirtdress via madewell

➝ source : merino circle top via cos

➝ source : stationery clutch in metallic leather via jcrew


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